At Delicate Beauty Aquariums our aim is to be colorado's Premier installation & Servicing company. Specializing in salt water fish and reef systems, we now cover the entire Colorado Springs area. From Fountain to Monument, Woodland Park to Falcon. (Other areas available upon request)

Services we offer include:

AQUARIUM DESIGN - Let us create a custom work of art for your home or office. Using only the best equipment, state of the art technology, and custom made cabinetry, we can bring your dream system to life.

tank design

REBUILDING AN EXISTING SYTEM - For those of you that already own an aquarium and want to give it an overhaul to make it all that it can be. We offer a complete tear down and rebuild service that will transform your aquarium and bring it back to life.

system rebuild

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE - For those that want their tank to be the best it can be. Including a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly servicing, we do whatever is needed to keep your aquarium in its best condition.